Want a unique and intimate venue for a party?  The Patty Nolan is available for charter!  Some of the more common questions are answered here but we encourage you to call or Email us for  schedules and special programs.
Chartering for Fun 
How many people can the boat hold?

We are legally limited to 6 passengers.

Where can the boat be chartered?

We are based in Verplanck NY, about 35 miles north of New York City, however we often take groups in New York Harbor or farther upriver in locations such as Kingston.  Locations are subject to the boat's work and charter schedule. Charter groups often prefer meeting the boat at scenic locations like the Hudson HIghlands near West Point.  We can meet groups at one of the many Metro North train stations on the river or at selected locations in Manhattan or Brooklyn. A charter does not need to be a round trip.  We can pick you up at one location, finish at another and arrange for car or train transportation back to the starting point.

How long is a charter?

Typically charters last for four hours but we are flexible.

Do you provide food or beverages?

We provide plates, cups, silverware, service utensils, ice and nonalcoholic beverages.  There is a grill onboard.  The charterer is responsible for beer, wine and food.  If the charter wants we can arrange for premium, food fish and meats through Coles Market in Montrose NY.  See their website at www.colesmarket.com

What about the weather?

While we have a canopy on the rear deck, storms, cold weather or high winds may cause your charter to be delayed or cancelled.  If the weather is poor or threatening before the charter starts, we will try and reschedule your charter and failing that refund any deposits.

What activities are there during a charter?

Tugboats don't go fast - typically we travel about 6 mph - so you won't cover a lot of ground in four hours but the pace is relaxed and steady.  Most people prefer some sight seeing and then anchoring in a scenic cove for a meal or drinks.  During the summer swimming and riverside fireworks displays are favorite charter activities.  We have had groups of boaters use the tug as a home base for other smaller boats to raft to.  We have even had people charter the boat for eagle watching.

What months do you charter?

We operate from the 15th of April through the 1st of November.  Our favorite month is September.

How much does this cost?

We charge $100 per hour.  We ask for a $200 deposit in advance for fuel, ice, etc.