Some useful links or how I got to talk like an old salt.
In the days before radios, tugboats in New York City received their orders via megaphone from an office window and communicated to each other by whistle but now the pilothouse of a tug often resembles a Silicon Valley office.  Modern tugboats rely on the electronic world including the internet  Below is a highly arbitrary list of sources of information from the internet which we find useful.  Most are local or northeastern  entities.

Tides and Weather
Hudson River Fisherman's Association                  Dial a Buoy - 1-888-701-8992
NOAA Codes:
The Weather Channel       LLNR 725  (44065) - Ambrose Light
New York Harbor Weather ROBN4 (76264) - Robbins Reef
Weather at Selected Buoys      SDHN4 (73464) - Sandy Hook
BGNN4 (24664) - Bergen Point
BATN6 (22866) -  The Battery

The world beyond West Marine (or chandlers and supply houses with choices).
C.G. Edwards                                                   Kellogg Marine Supply
Jamestown Distributors                                       Post Road Marine
McMaster Carr                                                   Viking Terminal Marine
Pilothouse Charts         Depco Pumps
Hamilton Marine    Go2 Marine                                      
Mel's Place (a list of  boating and marine websites)

Publications, Blogs and Sites for tugboaters (and boaters too)

TugsterBoats and Harbors (aka the yellow sheets)
Professional Mariner                                         Boating on the Hudson

Big Brother is watching
AIS Traffic

Coast Guard - National                                      Coast Guard - NY
Coast Guard VTS  NY - 718 354 4088 Channel 11 (check in) , 12 and 14

Buoy Music
West Coast Buoys